Ren Zhe

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Sculpture Department, Tsinghua University,
bachelor’s degree.
Member of China Sculpture Institute.

Solo Exhibition

2011. Garnering The Essence —Ren Zhe Asian Exhibition Tour: Beijing /Singapore/
Shanghai/Tai Wan /Hong Kong
2009. Majestic Vigour — Ren Zhe Sculpture Solo Exhibition Taiwan
2008. Sublime And Majestic Spirit —Ren Zhe Sculpture Exhibition Beijing
Joint Exhibition
2010 Ming Tombs International Art Zone Sculpture Exhibition Beijing
2010 Art Singapore
2010 Hong Kong International Arts and Antiques Fair Hong Kong
2010 Majestic—China Contemporary Sculpture ExhibitionBeijing
2010 Shui Mu Tsinghua — International Sculpture Exhibition Of Campus Beijing
2009 Moon River——Young artists exhibition Beijing
2009 100 Chinese Sculpture Exhibition Beijing
2009 Power Of China—Yearbook
2009 China International Sculpture Exhibition Beijing
2008 The Ninth Chinese Sculpture Festival Shandong 2008 “0”Collection Workshop Art
Center Exhibition Beijing
2008 “798” Art Festival—“LOFT” Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition Beijing
2008 Collection—Exhibition of contemporary sculpture nomination Beijing
2008 China Posture—China’s first sculpture exhibition tour China
2008 interactive Era—China Sculpture Institute Art Exchange Center Opening Beijing
2007 International Contemporary Art Exhibition Hong Kong
2007 Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition New York
2007 South Korea International Craft Exhibition South Korea
2007 Asia International Arts and Antiques Exhibition (AIAA2007) Hong Kong
2007 Dialogue Between Sculpture And City—The annual Shanghai International
Sculpture Exhibition Shanghai
2007 State Paranoia—China’s new generation of art Shanghai
2008 Beijing Olympic Games The International Exhibition Of Landscape International
2007 Beijing “798” art festival Beijing
2006 The Tenth Shanghai Art Expo Shanghai
2006 Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art Dedication Beijing
2006 The first Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo Beijing
2006 China Zhengzhou International City Sculpture years—The first international
sculpture exhibition Zhengzhou


National Art Museum of China
He Jing Yuan Art Museum
LDX Contemporary Art Center
Huan Tie Times Art Museum
Ming Tombs International Art Park
Yu De Yao Foundation
Shanghai Culture Assets And Equity Exchange
Korea Art Bank
Beijing 2008 Olympic Game Organizing Committee
Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government
Peking University
Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts
Taiwan Ying Zhen Gallery
Beijing Kunlun Hotel
Shanghai Urban Sculpture Center
Hilton Hotel Xi’an
Municipal People’s Government Daimler Northeast Asia Ltd.
China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC)

Some other works collected by domestic and foreign celebrities.

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